[AD2 2011]
Christchurch, like so many modern cities, has become a collection of sprawling suburbs. According to the research we have done, the city center instead of growing is stagnant, while the suburbs have actually increased in density and population. We studied the levels of density of the city both past, present and also calculated possible future trends. We have defined density as how many people are living in one hectare, the dwelling density for each mesh block and the percentage of built area in comparison to open land. We have calculated the amount in time spent and dollars for petrol consumption relative to the distance one lives from their job (with an assumption that one works in CBD); logically the further one lives, the greater the costs both in time and money. According to our research, the vast amount of people living at such a distance away from the Central Business District makes for a very inefficient way of living.

We have determined potential “hot spots” of population growth in Christchurch; which could be used to reinvigorate a future urban plan for Christchurch. The reason for this is because these “hot spots” have a relatively high population density, large amount of residents and its population is also projected to increase after the earthquake. This is important for any type of urban plan; as a sufficient density is a necessity for a flourishing master plan to succeed.

Furthermore our research suggests that while the city center may decrease in its populace; due to the earthquake. There is the likelihood that smaller transit oriented urban centers could grow and alleviate the long commutes; thereby saving time and money in a city that simply cannot afford to lose anymore.

Team: Zhi Jian David Wong, Praveen Karunasinghe, Che Wei Jacky Lee
Urban Analysis Booklet (PDF)

This diagram illustrates the potential “hot spots” given projected densification of Christchurch’s urban fabric. The areas Merivale to Sockburn, Middleton, Halswell and Rolleston, are potential key nodal points, as these areas already have significant potential to reinvigorate a future Christchurch.

Part of a catalogue of the different suburbs, a complete catalogue will be developed for the final publication. The catalogue will compare the different densities in each suburb.


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