[AD2 2011]
Our aim is to generate an understanding of the cultural and commercial infrastructure that existed in Christchurch before the September 2010 earthquake, and to compare it to the current situation that exists in the city today. We have divided the city into two separate zones based on their social and economic requirements: the Central Business District (CBD) contained within the five avenues, and the wider suburban areas – with a focus on the shopping mall typology.

The city and the various suburbs currently operate fairly independent of one another with each having a distinguishable urban plan. We have chosen to map the CBD and eight other suburban locations – these were chosen based on them having a large shopping mall or centre as an economical focal point. The CBD is defined as the area within the five avenues (Bealy Ave, Fitzegerald Ave, Moorehouse Ave, Deans Ave, and Harper Ave) while for each of the eight suburban locations we have chosen to map a one kilometre radius around the local shopping mall. This investigation into the cultural and economic make-up of Christchurch City and its suburbs will help us to identify recent trends of urban growth and densification patterns, crucial to the development of the future Christchurch master plan.

Team: Thomas Ward, Jeremy Yoo, Sam O’Connor
Urban Analysis Booklet (PDF)

This diagram shows the location of the eight malls and the CBD and their economic break down of spending.


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