Heritage Buildings

[D6 2011]
The cultural heritage in the built environment of Christchurch has played a strong role through out the history of the city. New-Gothic structures have been standing since the late nineteenth century establishing ties with English traditions and clad with local Bluestone Basalt and Omaru Stone. Since the 2011 earthquake, many iconic historical buildings have been destroyed and there is a concern of the loss of the architectural identity of Christchurch.

To establish a strong understanding of the architectural history of Christchurch and to be better informed for the rebuilding of the city, we have studied patterns of urban growth, cataloged the Category 1 historical buildings, noted trends in architectural style, and developed a correlation between the architectural styles, building materials, and technologies available at the time of construction. This analysis of data has set a better understanding of the architectural identity of Christchurch and will aid in the sensitivity of rebuilding a city of such rich architectural history.

Team: Gang Feng (Henry), Logan Suhrer, Gong Wang (Rickey)
Urban Analysis Booklet (PDF)




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