Urban Patterns

[D6 2011]
pattern / pat•tern /ˈpatərn /
Patterns are a discernible coherent system based on the inter-relationship of component variables.

As part of a larger urban analysis of Christchurch, our intent is to identify and succinctly categorize discernible patterning within the city centre, sub-urban area and peripheral farmland. Raw patterns are derived from aerial imagery and GIS data to form the groundwork for a generative strategy based on the city as an assembly of its various spatial typologies. The resulting pattern-based syntax serves to illustrate the inter-relationships between built form, road network and landscape. This developed pattern ‘language’ will provide examples of how the existing spatial typologies manifest when combined at strategic and local scales.

Team: Seth Munn, Alexander Milojevic, Mikhail Rodricks
Urban Analysis Booklet (PDF)



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