International Speakers Series 2011

The Christchurch City Council invited international speaker from around the world, including the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand to share their experiences relating to redeveloping cities and communities, in particular those which have been subjected to devastation – natural and human. It was designed for people to hear different ideas to help them comment on the draft Central City Plan, which at the time had just been released to the public for consultation. See the presentations and hear the videos from the series. (LINK)

Two speakers stood out:
Charles Eadie – led the Santa Cruz Gang of 36 who planned and implemented the recovery of the central business district following the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. (VIDEO LINK) (SLIDE SHOW LINK)

Kit Miyamoto – CEO and a structural engineer for Miyamoto International, Global Risk Miyamoto and a nonprofit organization, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief. Under his leadership, more than 12,000 projects have been successfully completed worldwide. (VIDEO LINK) (SLIDESHOW LINK)


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