Please choose a team to work with, you will work in groups of three.
At the end of today (Friday March 2nd) please fill in the form and give it to Jordon.

Once you have chosen your team please discuss with your group what topic you will research. Each team will choose a different topic to research. The topic should be a resource available in New Zealand, examples could be:
– Timber
– Stone
– Clay
– Textiles (wool, other?)
– Metals (steel, other?)
– Natural Resources (wind, sun, geothermal)
– Other? I am open to your suggestions!

The aim of the next two weeks is to become ‘experts’ in each of your topics. You will do this first by collecting information, but it is important to go beyond simply collecting facts and figures to discover potentials. Please take this weekend to discover as much as you can about your chosen topic. For Monday please bring a diagram or map with supporting material that you made from information you have found. Please coordinate among your team what each of you will diagram so there are not two of you doing the same thing. Examples of relevant diagrams could be:
– a catalogue of the resources uses,
– a map of where the resource is available,
– a diagram of the resources performance,
– a diagram of the life span of the resource (from where it is found to where it is use)
– other diagrams or maps?
Again, please think creatively and critically about what you discover and bring your own ideas to the table.

It is important that on Monday you come with your initial research started, so we can then discuss how to focus the research in such a way you look at an aspect of the topic and each of you can choose a more specific component to develop.

The FUTURE CHRISTCHURCH book can be found in the Architecture Library on short term loan.

Francois Roche taught a course at the University of Columbia dedicated to material research (PDF link)

Hybrid BioStructures is a MArch course at the Architecture Association

Design to Production Projects

ETH Studio Basel has a collection of student research projects.

Neri Oxman website

It is mandatory that all students attend an introduction and safety workshop today with Franca Bertani at 3:00 in the Digital Fabrication Workshop on Level 1.


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