White Board Crit

[AD1 2012]
University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning
Mid-Term Reviews ‘White Board Presentation’
03 Aril 2012

TOPIC: Timber
TEAM: Fritha Hobbs, Cynthia Yuan

TEAM: Melissa Harrison, Elizabeth Campbell, Lucy Hayes-Stevenson

TOPIC: Textiles
TEAM: Justin Baatjes, Timothy de Beer

TOPIC: Concrete
TEAM: Mona Ibrahim, Farah Saad, Jae Tommy Shin

Yvonne Mak (left) was the inspiration for the ‘white board’ crit, as last year she could not print and did a quick sketch on the back of some A3 paper; it was so impressive we picked up the idea and ran with it, THANKS YVONNE!
Derek Kawiti (centre) taught the 2011 Future Christchurch course with Camia Young and came to be one of our critics.
Camia Young and Jordon Saunders (right) are the current tutors for this course.


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