!Exhibition Announcement!

Please join us on May 3rd at CPIT for an opening of selected student projects from The University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning. We are fortunate that SHAC will also be presenting awards following their Micro-Architecture workshop.

The concept for the exhibition is to show student’s work that in some way is visionary, the aim of which is to encourage conversation. Some of the work is at times provocative and idealistic, yet the intention is to stimulate debate around design and what the future of Christchurch could become. The work is a selection from three courses taught at the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture, and a preview of a larger body of work. The selected projects focused on different scales and aspects of Christchurch, but common among them is an investigative approach where students were asked to develop an insight or unique understanding that then led to their design, be it urban or architectural in scale. An underlying agenda is to dismiss the notion of an applied or imported style, and rather introduce the idea of a unique architecture designed for Christchurch based on its inherent qualities.


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