Design Forum

[AD1 2012]
The winds of change: Design Forum.
On February 22, 2011 Christchurch was struck by an earthquake that caused a sudden and permanent change to the city. Because of the scale of destruction and the numerous empty lots left behind, Christchurch needs good designers now more than ever. If we want a city we love, then architects, urban planners and graphic designers need to be at the forefront of making Christchurch’s future city.

What is quality design? How can it be made public and how can the public have full access to be critical towards design? My aim with this proposal was to put forward a design that would challenge traditional foms yet remain grounded in inherent qualities found in Christchurch. By researching the nature of wind in Christchurch I was able to develop a unique architectural vocabulary and derive a series of option studies in which a form was chosen.

The Design Forum is a place for designers to come together and mediate the future proposals for Christchurch. The building program allows for creative studio spaces, exhbition spaces, workshops and operates similar to other design schools but with the aim to draw in multiple disciplines to shape the city.

Intentionally located in the CBD, the Design Forum is at the heart of the area to be redeveloped while maintaining an understanding of further networks within the city and how they opperate as a whole.

Elizabeth Kaye Campbell, May 2012


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