Growing Sustainably

[AD1 2012]
Cross Laminated Timber Manufacture
This scheme fuses commercial material production with an open learning environment. The program caters to full scale Cross Laminated and Laminated Veneer Timber manufacturing with space for the public and research groups to actively participate in the development of the products.

The building sits on the corner of Durham Street and Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch, on an empty site. It falls within the industrial zone running east to west through the south of the city’s outskirts, and takes advantage of exposure from the two main roads forming the north eastern corner.

At just over 10,000sqm the building offers a large space for CLT and LVL processing. This takes up the majority of the ground floor, while an exhibition space, cafe, seminar room and offices hover above.

I developed a material investigation into the micro and macro structural composition and function of wood cells. Nutrient circulation and cell transformation helped to develop a spatial language, and informed the building’s circulation.

The built form effectively allows for parallel movements of both manufacturing and a learning environment, visually connected but with respect for the functional demands of each program.

Fritha Hobbs, May 2012


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