Mixed-Use Module

[AD1 2012]
The driving concept behind the building is the use of prefabricated modular elements that allow for variation so that different programs are possible. The idea started by researching ‘concrete’ and realizing the main criticism towards precast concrete is that it tends to be repetitive and without life. My aim was to create a prefabricated system, which takes advantage of the efficiency, yet allows for variation and adaptation according to use.

The ‘Mixed-Use Module’ consists of shops, cafes & restaurants, offices, accommodations, and residences. The aim is to create a vibrant neighbourhood and an environment where: the public can come to either shop or simply hang out; employees can enjoy a dynamic working environment which will attract employers to invest in businesses; and where residents can live near amenities.

The building is located near Deans Avenue and adjacent to Hagley Park. It is a strategic location as it has a great viewhhh towards the park, and easy access to one of the major avenues defining the CBD.

The design of the building uses prefabricated module to populate the site in according to the building programs. Each program has its own unique unit which is repeated and easily ensemble for ‘plug and play’. It is also flexible for future extensions and development.

The aim of this project is to give citizens of Christchurch back their lost homes as well as a place to work in an attractive and dynamic environment. My project responds to Bob Parker’s observation that “…lives were lost, people’s homes and livelihoods destroyed…”

Mona Fasihah Ibrahim, May 2012


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