Zero Carbon Christchurch 2030

competition entry 08-2012

A Sustainable Energy Strategy for Economic Growth and Stability

Out of crisis arises opportunity; the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch provides the chance to implement green economic strategies by transitioning Christchurch to become a Zero-Carbon city. I agree with Einstein when he said, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we createdthem.” In order to solve our current global economic and environmental emergency, we need a completely new approach and can no longer rely on outdated technology to solve present day problems. I am proposing an energy strategy for Christchurch where the city relies completely on renewable energy sources. This is not only feasible but also economically more stable in the long term. In doing this Christchurch could build on New Zealand’s identity as a ‘clean, green’ country and capture the attention of foreign investment in sustainable technologies, which is one of the fastest growing markets globally. By transitioning to renewable energy, the city can create the necessary infrastructure to attract high value technology companies to locate themselves in Christchurch thus leading to a more innovative and creative workforce. The green energy scheme is based on a collection of diverse and decentralized renewable sources,which would mean that the energy system in Christchurch is more resilient in times of crisis. The beauty of a green renewable energy structure is that once the system is operational, the cost of energy will be minimal, which will have significant economic savings for both the government and private sectors. The proposed energy strategy is based on utilizing natural resources in the most efficient and economic way. Rather than rebuilding the city as it was; I propose we take this opportunity to re- establish Christchurch to become the true Garden City of the world, and lead the way by implementing a green energy plan.
Zhi Jian (David) Wong

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  1. This is awesome. The innovative thinking shown by your group here will really help our generation become further interested in our great city. Thank you. Great work all x

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