24 Hour Christchurch


[D6 2012]
The Avon is a meandering river that flows through the centre of Christchurch’s CBD. It was formed in the last ice age, which makes it rather young in geological time. Since Christchurch was settled, the Avon River has a had a strong presence in the city. One can either experience the Avon River by meandering through the Botanic Gardens in Hagley Park or one can enjoy it by taking a ride with one of the well known punters.

My aim is to develop a project where the river doesn’t just flow through the city but becomes a part of the LIVING city. Eating and drinking is always a large part of society, whether it’s a first date or brunch with grandparents, food is always a good excuse to take a break. Restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs are a great way to bring together different cultures and tastes from around the world. The idea is for a 24hr program starting with cafes for breakfast in the morning, and restaurants serving lunch and dinner. Then when the kitchens close the young come out to play, and restaurants transform into lively bars.

Using Auckland City as an example, the Town Hall sits in the centre of the CBD as a landmark as much as it is a functioning hall. The surrounding area of the Civic however is always under development and ever changing. It is alive with markets and performance. During the Rugby World Cup it was a popular fan zone and a screen was erected. Thousands stood and cheered New Zealand. A transformable space is perfect for a city trying to find it’s feet again. A meeting place called the Avon Park for all ages and kinds of people. “Hey meet me at the Avon Park in 15?”

Amanda Nakarmi, October 2012


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