Avon Riverfront Market


[D6 2012]
Rivers have long been regarded as a place for habitation for mankind as it traditionally provided the necessities of water, food and transportation. However, rivers nowadays have lost their purpose and have become inactive green spaces or unattractive channels for waste. My design proposal is to revitalize the Avon River, particularly in relationship to the CBD, making it highly accessible to the public. My programme involves a vibrant outdoor market place on the riverfront in between Cambridge Terrace and Oxford Terrace.

Using the notion of “filtration” to inform my design, I’ve repurposed the river with an undulating roofscape of individual funnel like buildings of various scales and materials. The market includes a large auditorium space with a side cafe and office, large stall halls, small kiosks, toilets, and canopied seating areas.

The market is solely a pedestrian area, accessible from east and west ends where the bus stops are situated. A bridge cuts across the Avon River form west to east like an extended grid to make the site directly accessible. Visitors can decide to take direct routes or weave through the stalls. The buildings are comprised of indoor and outdoor spaces for stalls, making use of the slightly cantilevered roof canopy created by the curved glulam sections. The use of glulam and glass also helps blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The auditorium, offices and cafe take full advantage of the scenic river background as they are orientated towards the river and the levels are slightly elevated above the river. The public plaza in front of the auditorium serves as a multi-purpose site for a variety of events like busking, gatherings, art exhibitions. Gridded shell canopies are located across the site, creating inviting thresholds in between spaces or sheltered bus stops.

Natalee Yee Wei Tan, October 2012


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