Creative Startup


[D6 2012]
The Creative Startup is a multi use, mixed program building. The main principle is based upon the interaction between creative professionals and the general public. The building’s form is a functional expression of the behavior of soil particles during liquefaction. Through utilising its natural vertical process as a circulation language and a way to arrange space The Creative Startup’s principle is meshed with the liquefaction properties to create a harmonious concept. The site connects High Street to Hereford Street, within the compact core of the Christchurch Central Business District. The concept draws its potential from a previous laneway location, asserting the importance of the development and reopening of these iconic sites throughout the city. The structure terminates at the north and south at cantilevered segments over the streets and is bound tightly by neighbouring buildings on the eastern and western sides. The building is constructed with a steel structural grid of columns and beams, with two reinforced concrete service cores and a sandblasted glass curtain wall. The ground floor provides a largely open, uninterrupted space for convient pedestrian access between the two main roads. Coupled with open-plan concept retail space, the ground floor aims to make use of a potentially high level of pedestrian traffic and entice visitors up through the buildings upper levels. The first and second levels which complete the building comprise of a balanced arrangement of specific program based spaces fufilling the interaction between those who work and those who use the building.

Jeremy Wymer, October 2012


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