[D6 2012]
Out of all the cities in New Zealand, Christchurch has the worst air quality. High pollution levels are the cause of many problems, people suffer from cancer, disease, and there are a large number of deaths caused every year. There are several reasons behind this, geographically Christchurch is guarded by the Port Hills, which prevent smog dispersal, and trap the air pollution. The earthquakes have only added to the problem due to the ongoing demolition there are high levels of particulates thrown into the atmosphere. Unfortunatly the city previously known as the “garden city” can now be called the “polluted city”.

Given that the air quality is a serious issue, I started my investigation by looking into methods that can be used to reduce the pollution level. The best way to achieve this is to plant trees as well as outdoor and indoor plants, hence reducing the indoor and outdoor pollution at the same time.

For my design, I proposed a tree farm integrated with housings. The site is within the Green Frame (refer to the CCDU’s master plan). The trees are transplanted to other locations once they mature. The purpose behind integrating housing into the tree farm is to bring workers back to the city so as to reduce their commute and reduce the overall emmissions. The integration of the tree farm and the housing I belive will make Christchurch a garden city.

Nan Wu, October 2012


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