Live + Work + Play


[D6 2012]
The new CCDU plan shows precincts dedicated to different types of ‘functions’. But does the new city plan for Christchurch need to be zoned this way? Or zoned at all? Our proposal is for a small self-sustaining city block that joins work play and live. The idea is to plant this prototype then allow it to grow and spread throughout the city. The live + work + play scheme allows people to access all three within walking distance from destination to destination. These three functions have been connected together with green paths that cut across the site and multifunctional blocks that overlap the different functions. Our site is located within the green belt. The green belt reinforces the Christchurch reputation of being the Garden City. But instead of just a green empty piece of land, our proposal is for architecture and green to have a symbiotic relationship.

The Garden City plan that Christchurch was founded on and the recently proposed CCDU blueprint is similar in that they are based on the idea of separation. The Garden City separated green from city and the CCDU separates various urban activities into precincts. These planned distinct areas and hence planned separation, further separates, and discourages chance happening and occurrence, the diverse and simultaneous events of an urban fabric. In this strategy we proposing to take one block and allow for multiple programmes, allowing to prototype not only the individual function but also shared spaces.

Live: Temporary and Permanent housing for workers around the site.
Work: Office that attract business opportunities.
Play: Revitalizing the well-being of future Christchurch.


The building masses within the block were derived from solar analysis and the many solar studies. The forms have been morphed and angled to optimize solar access on its surface. The building form is cut in the middle to create a central garden to bring more light into the middle of the building, and to connect to the green path. The rebuilding of Christchurch has opened up many job opportunities, as many workers throughout NZ are moving into Christchurch to be a part of the rebuild. Christchurch city has many suburban 3 bedroom housing, but there is not enough accommodation for single housing, or temporary housing. My project will be housing for the workers who are planning to stay temporarily in Christchurch, or are planning to buy a larger home in Christchurch, but need a temporary place to stay. My residential apartment block consists of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, with two public living areas on each floor.

Guangshan Lily Pan, October 2012


The Innovation Office fulfills the work component of the city. Office buildings encourage the return and growth of workers and businesses in the city. This building in particular fosters New Zealand’s small and medium enterprises, particularly in IT, a high value industry. Offices often require large open plan spaces, allowing for flexibility. These generic spaces produce non-space. Current technology allows for greater flexibility for workers, which means they are not bound to their desk nor even to the office, an employee has the ability to work almost anywhere on portable devices. In the IT workplace there is a need for collaboration at times and privacy at others. Especially with present technology one can work in any space, however the office still plays a vital role in fostering and creating spaces for physical meeting and collaboration. With a high priority for these collaborative shared spaces, these spaces are defined and fixed, facilitated by column spacing. The remaining open plan can be used for flexible offices. The plan allows for individual spaces when needed through the use of sweeping curtains, and in some instances there are fixed enclosed spaces that can be used for private meetings or conversations.

Jeffrey Jiang, October 2012


Young Hun Kim, October 2012


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