Research Campus


[D6 2012]

This is a proposal for a research building in the new CCDU’s proposed health precinct. The project works in a campus like atmosphere with educational and medihotel facilities within walking distance. The aim is to create a world-class facility for learning and teaching. It is located next to the existing Christchurch hospital, and is meant to attract professionals for both private and public health care research. The site is located at the western end of the south frame, and is well connected to the Metro sports facility and the proposed reduced CBD core.

The master plan for the overall health precinct was arranged based on the circulation through the area, and combined with my concept derived from layers in the atmosphere. The new plan keeps the proportion of each element the same as the proposed plan, but allows for a more fluid connections as opposed to the rigid grid. The new plan tied our group’s design together, our proposed programmes include a sun spa hotel, a research campus, and a gradient of housing and tree farm. The aim was to create a low carbon emission area. The research campus acts as an “Adaptor,” by being at the start of the green frame and transitioning from large civic buildings into natural elements. The building has three parts: public, private and mixed use. The programmes include a lecture room, laboratories, exhibition space, meeting space and office etc.

Owen (Wei wei) Xing, October 2012


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