Sun Spa Hotel


[D6 2012]
New Zealand faces more serious UV pollutions problems then most other countries because we are closer to Antarctic ozone hole, where the Ozone layer of atmosphere is thinner. This causes increased UV level in New Zealand. The increased UV level can cause serious health problems such as skin cancer, damage to human eye and immune system. On the other hand, UV is not always harmful to people, it also helps to make Vitamin D in the human body, as well it there are a range of medical applications that use UV light.

My proposal is a hotel building with a sun spa, restaurant, and 60 rooms with target guests coming from the near by hospital, university and sports faculties. The building is located in the heart of the CCDU’s proposed Health Precinct.
The design concept of the project is basing on mitigating levels of UV light as it enters the interior space. Through my investigation a number of different surfaces, volumes have been analyzing; each geometry is subdivided in to 8x8m units, and the UV levels for all units are recorded. Following my intial studies I choose the form that had the lowest UV levels. In the second stage I further developed the form to incorporate the site and program, and in some instances I allowed for high levels of UV light but in most cases I adjusted the form to have the lowest UV exposure.

The hotel is made out of two main materials, curtain wall with ultraviolet light absorbers coating achieving high quality natural day lighting. For the sun spa the facade is made of radiation controlled polycarbonate. Pragmatically, the programs of the ho- tel have been fitted with relationship to the UV level of each area. For example the bedrooms are all located where there is better natural lighting but with low UV exposure, while the sun spa is over the corners with high UV levels.

Pete Wang, October 2012


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