Swarm Housing


[D6 2012]
The traditional notion of the ‘Garden City’ has become increasingly obsolete in contemporary times and post- earthquake Christchurch serves as a unique opportunity to question and push architectural design related to the green belt.

Research into Christchurch ecosystems reveal a strong dependency between native plant and native bird species which have participated in mutualistic co-evolution in the isolated condition of New Zealand. This attraction between species has given way to Swarm logic as a possible means of organization of architecture. In a similar fashion to native birds being attracted to native plants, behavioural agents may seek certain local conditions and interact with one another to organize the collective gesture from a bottom up approach. By defining laws of interrelations and coding behavior sensitive to site, an architecture derived from these complex dependencies can emerge, free of the influence of empty traditions.

The project centred at the heart of Christchurch is aimed at providing housing for the influx of workers who come to the city as part of the rebuild. At a crucial time for Christchurch, unique ideas appropriate for the new city emerging from disaster should be considered.

Angela Yoo, October 2012


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