concept on site

[D6 2012]
A mixed-used urban project which includes: Transportation, Accommodations, Retails and Offices (T.A.R.O) is designed to set up a fluctuation of varying densities and collections of people, bringing together different social and cultural groups in Christchurch. This will create a new urban experience within the flux of Christchurch for today and for the future.

A healthy city is determined by its transportation system; while Christchurch is currently developing for its future it is the perfect time to develop an efficient transportation system to cater the city’s growth. The project site is located on the outter CBD boundary, parallel to the popular Hagley Park. It is also aligned with the railway that is not been used as much as it could be. The site selected is away from the CBD, which automaticlly reduces traffic congestions within the CBD. The railway has a huge potential to the development of Christchurch, as the city starts to expand in the wider Christchurch region. Damaged properties from the earthquakes have resulted in many households and businesses relocating to wider areas of Christchurch, particularly the north- western and south western region. Eventually the location of this project will become part of the CBD, and its railway will become a link to the outer urban developments.

The railway is currently connected to popular snow mountains as well as running two of the world’s popular scenic journeys; Scenic Alpine and Costal pacific which both attract many tourists to the city, therefore accommodations was proposed in this project to cater to the many visitors to the city. Retails and offices are also incorporated in this project to create the dynamic urban experience.

Chun Qin Zhang, October 2012


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