Vertical Village


[D6 2012]
Dispersed urban growth in the greater Christchurch area is resulting in a loss of connectivity between living and working. What I’ve strived to explore in this medium-density housing project is a new way to obtain the attraction of suburban living without occupying the same amount of land as traditional suburban housing. The proposed building will be a medium to high density housing complex which will also accommodate some mixed use facilities such as retail and offices. Public parks and a plaza are also part of the scheme.

The new building with a total height of 28m will be located on the intersection of Hereford Street and Mansfield Street. The buildings structure reflects the connectivity of micro pores of the soil beneath the site. This investigation is based on the 3D voronoi algorithmic system, which can translate the relation of points into interfaces to divide a certain volume into individual cells and demonstrates the complex geometry of the pore pathways. Creating collective dwellings that are not simple stacking of layers, but rather become a more complex yet organized coexistence of unique individual domains in a vertical village. It further combines the two distinctive typologies the increasing Christchurch population demands into a combined suburban home + tower in a vertical village.

Dalia Al-Timimi, October 2012


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