D5 2013

Christchurch is at a very unique crossroads where, in the wake of the recent earthquakes, it will rebuild large parts of the city. This year Christchurch will transition from a city undergoing massive demolition into a city under construction, for this reason it is a critical time to participate in the discourse shaping the future city. The world is watching as Christchurch emerges from the ruins, and we have the rare opportunity to influence what will be built through proposals put forward by this course. In this course we will seize this time and take advantage of it to engage the public and fuel the debate by providing creative designs when they are needed most, which is now. To engage the public the work for the course will be published in books, articles and exhibitions as well as presented through the course blog.

The course will be structured to support the students to learn to critically assess their design solutions through a method of design investigation. Each week will be dedicated to a specific design task, so that by the end of the term each student can deliver a developed design proposition. For each design task the students will be asked to develop a range of solutions, and by the end of the week they will have to assess the pros/cons of each solution and choose a preferred option. This method of design lends to informed design decisions, and aids to support an argument for a preferred design solution. The design tasks will be: site analysis, program analysis, massing, circulation, landscape, general arrangements, materials, structure, façade, services and energy.

We will use research developed in previous Future Christchurch courses as a foundation for this course. Specifically we will build up on the work developed in the last year’s material investigations courses: AD1 & D6 2012. As a starting point each student will select a previously developed concept and become familiar with the research that supports it. The intention is to use the work already done and build up on it to create resolved design propositions. The chosen concepts will be used to inform the design investigations. All concepts can be found online <HERE>

Students will work in teams by choosing a shared site and program. While each student will develop their own design proposition, the team’s projects must come together in some way. It is up to the team of students to creatively decide how the projects relate to one another.

Course Schedule and Assignments:
Week 1 (11-15.03)
Design Concept (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 2 (18-22.03)
Program Analysis (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 3 (25-29.03)
Site Analysis / Strategy (ASSIGNMENT)


Week 4 (08-12.04)
Massing & Circulation (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 5 (15-19.04)
16.04 Mid Term Crit


Week 6 (29.04-03.05)
Materials (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 7 (07-10.05)
Structure (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 8 (13-17.05)

Week 9 (20-24.05)
Services & Energy (ASSIGNMENT)

Week 10-12 (27.05-04.06)
Submission: Tuesday 4 June, 3:00pm
Final Presentation: Wednesday 5 June, 10.00am-5:00pm


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