Green Frame II

Please join us for the opening of the Green Frame II exhibition sponsored by Warren & Mahoney and Aurecon.


Studio Christchurch Summer School was a collaborative Christchurch based design unit organized by the four New Zealand architecture schools: the School of Architectural Studies at CPIT, the School of Architecture at Victoria University Wellington, the Architecture Department at Unitec, and the School of Architecture and Planning at The University of Auckland. The summer school was hosted in Christchurch at CPIT and ran from January 7th to February 1st.

The 2013 Studio Christchurch Summer School focused on the investigation and programming of the unique Christchurch Green Frame and Avon Precinct as outlined in the CCDU Plan. With fifty-five students involved, five design courses covered a broad range of approaches and tested ideas through a series of design proposals. On the basis of emerging issues facing urban development in the 21st Century, the studios combined underlying philosophical theories with current and practical issues related to the Christchurch recovery.





All photo’s courtesy of Jonny Knopp, aka Peanut Productions


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