Extending the Retail Precinct


[D5 2013]

The proposed CCDU Retail Precinct is designed to cover two blocks on the edge of the Avon River. In our proposal we suggest extending the Retail Precinct across the Avon River, adding two city blocks. This creates a larger pedestrian area in the central CBD and integrates the Retail Precinct with the river. The proposed programme consists of retail, commercial, dining, education and recreation – with the addition of residential to return the city centre to a hub of activity. The multi-use program means nearly everything is within walking distance – homes, work, recreation and retail.

The design concept is to create a courtyard per 200m x 200m block area, and divide the site into three distinct areas, each oriented to a unique courtyard. To do this we created linear extensions of the surrounding streets, creating intersecting pedestrian laneways to provide circulation routes. By connecting the separate sites with new passages and courtyards, the overall area takes on a new identity. The courtyards a located at the intersection of the passages, the areas that would expect to receive the most foot traffic. The courtyards break up the precinct, as well as allows for appreciation of the river, by providing public places to gather.

Charlotte Farquharson, Laurielle Shannon, June 2013


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